New products I’m loving right now

new products

I actually bought some new products to try this month, that I’m super excited to use. I went and bought both skin care products and some makeup products.  Since summer is just around the corner, my focus was to buy both skin care and makeup to get me ready for summer. And boy am I ready for summer, it’s my favorite time of the year! So, let’s have a look at what new products I’ve been loving lately.

Let’s just start by saying that the new products I got are not necessarily new to the market, but rather new to me. So when it comes to skin care, I went ahead and bought the:

As I said, summer is just around the corner and I felt like I needed something extra to help peel my skin and prep it for what’s to come. Since I’ve been loving peeling masks for my face so much, I thought ”why not for my body?”. I have used this once so far and I loved it! My skin was so smooth afterwards and I feel like it really did exfoliate my skin well. I can’t to use it again!

I bought the Paula’s Choice hydrating mask because I felt like my skin really needed some extra moisture. Well, it was a very wise investment because my skin has been loving it. My skin looks and feels great thanks to this! No more flaking and redness on my nose, Hallelujah!

new products

So, I also went ahead and bought two Bobbi Brown products:

I think that the glow stick is the only new product that I got, that is actually pretty new on the market. I bought the foundation stick to use for conturing. It’s reminds me of the Chanel Tan de Soleil bronzer, only darker. But it has that same warm (slightly orange) tone to it. Now I finally have a more natural looking contour shade for when I’m more tan. I’ve noticed that warmer colors look more natural on me when it comes to contouring. Cool tones look muddy and unnatural on my golden complexion, so I’ve been shying away from those kind of tones lately. This shade is perfect.

new products

The glow stick provides my skin with some shimmer. Very subtle, and very natural. However, if you have oily skin like me, don’t apply it near your T-zone. Because that will not look cute by the end of the day. I apply both these to sticks with face brushes, so I don’t actually put them directly on to my face. Which, to me, is the best way to apply them.

What new products are you loving right now?