violetvossholygrailWhere to buy?: Well, you can buy this from the official Violet Voss online store here. It’s currently sold out (isn’t it always?), but it says they will restock it in early December so save your pennies girls! Ladymoss also sells it, here (also sold out, ETA november 2016). For all my european girls who wish to lay claim to this beautiful palette but not go bankrupt paying shipping fees, Beautybay also sells it, here (also out of stock currently). If you live in New York I’d recommend a trip to a Ricky’s NYC close to you (I bought mine at their Union Square location).

To all my Swedish readers: Den enda hemsidan som verkar sälja denna palette här i Sverige är Madlady, ni kan köpa den här. Den är slutsåld för tillfället men man kan registrera sig på deras hemsida så att man kan få ett mejl när den finns i lager igen. Superbra!

Price: Well, 45 (used to be 52) dollars may seem cheap if you consider that you get 20 eyeshadows (net worth 36 g/ 1,26 oz). That’s 1,8 grams per shadow! That’s more than what you get when you buy the Sweet Peach palette from Too Faced (0,95 g/0.03 oz per shadow) or the Naked 1 palette from Urban Decay (1,3 g/ 0,05 oz per shadow). So, all in all the price per shadow/gram is actually pretty great. However, when it comes to the ingredients, then I think that the price is pretty steep. Because they claim to have used the finest ingredients when making these shadows, and that just isn’t the case.

Ingredients: Unfortunately I didn’t save the box that it came in, which seems to be the only place where the ingredients are listed (a little shady if you ask me). But, my favorite youtuber Stephanie Nicole adresses the ingredients here in her review video on youtube. These shadows contain a high concentration of talc and mica, some pretty cheap ingredients. These shadows are actually pretty identical to the Morphe Pro single shadows. I mean, please don’t sell your products claiming to be the best/finest ingredients (for 45/52 USD) when your formula is the same as the Morphe shadows (yes, their pro range, but still).


The shadows in this palette are beautiful. It’s a warm toned palette and it’s right up my alley. I feel like this is the best autumn/fall inspired eyeshadow palette. These shadows look amazing when swatched. I swatched these shadows in the store and almost died and went to makeup heaven. They look so pigmented it’s crazy. However, once I actually used it I was a bit disappointed actually. I usually apply my eyeshadows with a brush and not my fingers, so with this palette I’ve learned that finger swatches can be a bit deceiving. Let me show you what I mean:

Top row, left to right: Crystal, Ploof, Thanks A Latte, Transition & Hastag 

Second row from the top, left to right: Awesome Sauce, Bestie, Toffee, Chill & How U Doin

Third row from the top, left to right: Bat My Eyes, Cool Beans, R U Kitten Me, So Jelly & On Fleek

Bottom row, left to right: Brownie Points, Teddy Bear, Clamping, Cranberry Splash & Wine N Dine

They look amazing, right? (Excuse me if some of the pictures look a bit unfocused. I’m using a new camera and the lighting here in Sweden is pretty crappy this time of year, we hardly have any). However, let’s take a look at some brush swatches to give you a more accurate swatch of how it will really look once you’ll apply it to your eyelid with an actual brush and not your fingertips:

This is the bottom row, now compare it to the picture above? Not so pigmented anymore, eh? I tapped the brush into the shades three times, applied it to my arm and then tapped the brush into the shades three times again. So I had to really dip it in there to get these swatches. So now you can imagine my disappointment when I used this palette for the first time, I was like… ’what the heck?’ But do not fret, these swatches are without primer. If you use a primer the results are much more pigmented. Take a look:

Excuse the crappy quality but the lighting is terrible (this is in the middle of the day). This is a swatch of the shade ’Chill’. The bottom swatch which can barely be seen is a brush swatch without primer. The upper swatch is a brush swatch with primer. The primer is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Which I found to be the best primer to use the shadows with. The MAC Paint pot in ’Soft Ochre’ just didn’t cut it with these shadows. As you can see, with a good primer the shadow is a lot more pigmented.

So, if you just use a good primer, preferably the Urban Decay Primer Potion, then you’re gonna love this palette. The shadows last all day, they do not crease (with primer) however you should beware of the fall out. I’d recommend to do you eye makeup first, and then do your face. Otherwise it’s going to ruin your base. Also, take caution not to over blend. I noticed the shadows disappearing when I blended them too much in my crease. I don’t find them patchy and I think they blend easily.

+ Great color selection
+ Slim packaging
+ Good sized mirror
+ Good mix of mattes and shimmers
+ Perfect fall palette

– Pigmentation (you really need a good primer for them to work well)
– Ingredients (claims to contain the finest ingredients when it’s no better than the Morphe Pro single shadows)
– Price (too expensive to contain some pretty cheap ingredients)

All in all? For the price and the ingredients list this palette is a little too hyped up. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret buying this palette because the shade range is amazing and you can work up the  pigmentation with a good primer. But this palette is just too damn expensive. If you don’t mind shelling out 45 dollars and a little extra time building up the pigmentation, you’re gonna love this palette. I probably just had too high expectations myself because of the hype.

Oh, by the way? I find the names of the shadows atrocious. There I said it.