Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base (1 oz. / 30 g for 50 $ or 479 kr) is a cream-gel bronzer with a velvety finish that is supposed to leave your skin with a sun-bathed look.

This bronzer is very hard to find here in Sweden and I bought mine at the Duty Free store at Heathrow when I was there last summer. I actually got it for a lot cheaper that what it usually costs because it was right after Brexit when the pound was at an all time low.  If you’re Swedish or live in Europe you can now order it here.

First of all I was confused as to which brush to use. I wanted a dense but bigger brush like a powder brush. However I ended up using my Real Techniques Buffing brush from their Core Collection and it works just fine, though I’m still on the hunt for a bigger size brush with that same kind of density.

I’ve never used a cream bronzer before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but for the prize tag I was probably expecting miracles. Did I get miracles? Well, at first I was super disappointed because it was hardly showing up on my skin. I quickly realized that this bronzer is more aimed towards those with a light complexion, and considering it only comes in one shade (yes, you read that right), I was quite insulted. Especially considering it says Bronze Universel on the packaging. Clearly, that’s a lie. Excuse me Chanel, but it’s not the 18th century, people of color also have cash to burn, thank you very much. Get on that darker shade ASAP.

Luckily I can get away using this bronzer when I’m pale. So if you’re around NC37 or darker, then I’m truly sorry, but this ain’t the bronzer for you. However if you’re pale enough you’re probably going to love this bronzer. It looks pretty orange when you swatch it, so I was really scared the first time I applied it to my face. But since I have olive/medium skin, I can get away with using orange bronzers. Let’s not forget that my all time favorite bronzer is MAC’s Give Me Sun.

The best part about this bronzer is that it does not look cakey or muddy at all. It looks very natural and it blends very well with your base leaving you with a seamless and flawless look. It dries to a velvety matte finish which makes it also look great on those of us with oily skin. This does not slide or budge. It stays put on my face all day, and will still look flawless after 10 hours. Just make sure you set it with a powder. I actually dust a tiny bit of MAC’s Give Me Sun on top of it to set it.


I must say that I love the packaging. It both looks and feels really luxurious and classy. However, the fact that it comes in a jar when it’s a cream product probably isn’t very hygienic. So, I’d recommend you wash the brush you’re using frequently and only use your brush with this product, don’t go dipping it somewhere else. I’m not saying you’re bronzer is going to be super hygienic doing these steps, but it at least won’t make it worse.

+ Natural looking
+ Does not look cakey or muddy
+ Works for oily/combination skin
+ Stays put all day

– Expensive
– Only comes in one shade
– Comes in jar (not very hygienic)

All in all? Well, when I can use this bronzer because I’m pale enough, it does look truly amazing on my skin. It gives me a bronzed look without looking muddy or too much. Since it looks very natural it leaves me with a more chiseled look, I somehow manage to look like I  actually have defined cheekbones. It does stay put all day and does not slide off my oily skin. I must say I’m loving it, but will I be repurchasing it again? Probably not. Not because I don’t like it because I really do, this is truly a must have in your collection. But because I will probably never be able to use it all since I’m limited to only a couple of months a year, you know when I’m pale enough. However, if they end up making darker shades I will probably be first in line to get it.