Highlights & Disappointments | July Edition

July favorite

Time really does fly. It’s already august and I finally have three weeks of vacation. Bliss. Not that I hate my job or anything. It’s just that I really like to sleep in the morning and I really, I mean really, don’t like public transportation. As yet another month has passed by without me barely noticing (I mean, the year is more than half gone and I have literally accomplished nothing other than sleep, eat, work, repeat), I have yet another monthly highlights & disappointments to share with you guys.


  • The Ordinary (Deciem) | Niacinamide 10%  + Zinc 1% (30 ml) is a blemish, pore and oil fighting vitamin serum that I’m absolutely in love with. It clears my acne and leaves my pores less visible. The best part? It’s super duper cheap. Honestly if you haven’t bought anything from The Ordinary then you’re seriously missing out! Get on it, ASAP. Do I even have to explain why this has been a July favorite of mine?
  • Nars | Blush in Torrid (4.8 g/0.16 oz) is a warm coral blush with a golden shimmer. This was actually the first NARS blush I ever bought. I went to buy Orgasm but it wasn’t showing up on me (I realized that Orgasm only shows up like glitter on my face when I’m tan) so I bought Torrid instead. It’s such a beautiful coral shade, it’s very pigmented and I recommend this shade for darker skin tones. If you have tried Orgasm and feel like it isn’t showing up on you, try Torrid instead, it’s definitely a favorite blush of mine.
  • Bobbi Brown | Foundation Stick in Warm Almond (9 g/0.31 oz) I have been using this as a cream bronzer now that I’m a bit more tan and can’t use my Tan de Chanel. However, I do feel like I might have picked a shade that is slightly too orange for me and that’s saying a lot since my favorite bronzer is the MAC Give Me Sun. But I have still been really into this as my bronzer, you just have to be careful because applying to much will make your cheeks look caky.
  • Kevyn Aucoin | Sensual Skin Enhancer (18 g/0.63 oz) This is a recurring favorite of mine and there is a reason for that. It’s so creamy and pigmented and I find it to be the best concealer I own at hiding blemishes and acne. This past month my allergies have been acting up and I have been looking like I have chicken pox on my cheeks. It’s not been cute I have been so frustrated because nothing was working. At least I could hide the worst rash and redness with this concealer.
  • Too Faced | Better Than Sex Mascara (8 ml/0.27 oz) I had my doubts about this mascara at first. The brush is really a lot bigger than what I usually go for but the salesgirl at Sephora convinced me that this was a great mascara and I went with it. I actually didn’t like it for the first 2 weeks of using it, because I paired it with the Dior Diorshow Maximizer Mascara Primer 3D thinking that they were compatible. They are not. The combination of a new tube of mascara (I hate brand new mascara) and the primer was a recipe for disaster. My lashes looked clumpy and it looked like I had glued spider legs to my lash line (ew!). But I tried it without the primer and I was completely sold. My lashes look fluttery, long and volumized with this mascara. It actually beats my trusted Benefit They’re Real mascara and that has been my go-to mascara for years!
  • Dior | Diorshow Maximizer Mascara Primer 3D is a conditioning mascara primer that can be used both day and night. I’ve only used this during the day underneath my mascara so far, but I’ve really been liking it even though it was not compatible with the Better Than Sex mascara (God, I hate that name). This was however compatible with the last dregs of my Benefit They’re Real mascara and it made my lashes look long & volumized. The best part was actually that it made my mascara stay put all day and I didn’t have to worry about looking like panda at the end of the day (which usually happens to me everyday). I really love not having to worry about that, but I honestly don’t know if it’s worth the steep price tag just yet.
  • Peter Thomas Roth | Cucumber Gel Mask (50 ml/1.7 fl. oz.) This has literally saved my face the last couple of weeks. Yes, it’s technically not a July favorite because I’ve only used for the last two weeks but this has saved my skin from looking a complete mess. It calms the redness and the rashes I have on my cheeks because of my allergies. I keep it in the fridge so that it’s cold when I apply it at night before I go to sleep. I’ve been using this every night since I bought it and it has made a huge difference to the skin on my cheeks. Granted, it’s not perfect I still look like I have chicken pox, but it’s not as bad as it was two weeks ago. This mask in combination with my sheet mask subscription is what has kept me sane when nothing else has worked. I will definitely always keep a jar of this at home. This miracle gel has truly earned is place as my number one July favorite.


  • Sephora | Charcoal Pore Strip  I absolutely hate this product. I know that’s a very strong statement, but you would also hate something if it ripped the skin of your sensitive area leaving you with an open wound and scabbing on your face. I will never be repurchasing this product again. I had purchased two of these strips but I threw the other one out as soon as I had taken the picture above. It literally ripped the skin off the area around my nose where I suffer from redness and sensitivity. I first thought that it was left over residue from the glue on the strips, but then it started scabbing and I realized that it had ripped the skin off my face. I cried applying my Kiehl’s Ultra Facial moisturizer for days (it contains alcohol and stings a bit even when I don’t have wounds) and I have a high threshold for pain. Never again.
  • The Ordinary (Deciem) | Hyaluronic Acid  2% + B5 This product wasn’t bad bout it wasn’t all that either. I literally didn’t notice any effect at all. My skin didn’t feel more moisturized after using this, plus it balls up on my face when I applied my foundation with my beauty blender. So I’m not as excited about this as I am with the Niacinamide serum.

All in all, this month has been a rollercoaster when it comes to my beauty regimen. My allergies have caused some major issues to my skin but now I finally feel like I now what to do. Also, this month has been full of new products which is always fun! I hope you all have had a great month of July and I wish you all a great August. It’s my birthday month and I’m on a three week vacation, can’t get better than that!