As the dark and gloomy weather of fall and winter are upon us, a lot of us are experiencing dehyadrated and tired skin at the moment. I have very oily skin, but it still feels dehydrated. Especially around my nose and mouth. So to combat this issue I decided to buy the GlamGlow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment. I love the GlamGlow mud masks (especially the Super-mud clearing one!) and had of course very high expectations for this product. Let’s see if it lived up to it’s hype.
Where to buy it: For my swedish readers, basically any beauty store/department will stock this product such as: Åhléns, Kicks, Eleven, Bangerhead, Lyko, Sephora etc.
For my international readers, I’m sure most of you already know where to get it. If you don’t, some international resellers are: Glamglowmud, Sephora, Mecca, Lookfantastic, Feelunique, Paulaschoice, Nordstrom and many more…
Price: This baby doesn’t come cheap. In Sweden eveything is always more expensive, but looking online it actually dosn’t seem to be the case with this product. This little jar will cost you around 469 SEK. Roughly translated, that’s about 59 $, 36 £ or 50 €. If you buy it through Glamglows own onlinestore or on the american Sephora they charge you 69 $ for it, the UK GlamGlow online store charges 49.99 £, and the french Sephora charges you 49.90 € for it. So basically, this is one product that’s actually cheaper in Sweden than in The U.S and UK, a shocker really.
Packaging: I think it has a beautiful, sleek packaging. For the price however you should recieve a bigger jar plus jars aren’t really that hygenic or practical sice you pretty much contaminate the product when you stick your fingers in it. I usually use this product with a brush, so I don’t dip my fingers directly into the jar.
Fragrance: This mask smells amazing! It’s smells like toffee/coconut so it has a really summery smell. It’s a fragrance that reminds me of Brazil, so that’s always a good thing.
Consistency/hydration: The consisteny is nothing like a moisturizer because this product is tacky and quite heavy. It doesn’t dry like most masks do. I usually wear this overnight and my skin looks hydrated and feels plump and healthy the next day.
All in all? A great mask for dehydrated skin during the wintertime, or even for when your travelling. I usually use thick hydrationmasks in flight because those really long flights to Brazil, really tend to wreck havoc on my skin. With this mask though, I feel like those days are over. This has been my most used mask since I got it. Don’t regret buying it for a second.
+ Smells amazing
+ Really hydrates skin
– Exspensive
– Jar