So I’ve been checking out this nail polish for a while now, and my local makeup store was having a 20 % discount on all Essie polishes, so you know I just had to get it. I love it! I know it’s spring and that pastels are the craze right now (like they are every spring), but I’m just not ready for those colors yet. It’s still cold here in Sweden, so I’m holding on to those darker colors for another month or so.


This polish is really opaque, and one coat of this is actually enough to get you that desired color. I don’t think that I  have ever just used one coat of nail polish before. I mean, two coats is minimum, but not with this. Maybe it’s because it’s a new polish and that you get a lot of product on the brush when you dip it in, let’s see what happens when this beautiful shade starts to run out. Essie is my favorite brand of polishes, they have beautiful colors, the color range is amazing and I think for the price you get a great polish. I have designer polishes that are way more expensive that don’t hold a candle against Essie (think Chanel, worst polishes ever. Amazing colors, but they don’t even last a day before chipping). My polishes always stay on my nails for about a week before they start to get chipped, and that’s thanks to the Seche Vite top coat.


What do you think of this shade?