My favorite make up product has to be highlighters. Okay, no… It has to be eyeshadow palettes, or lipsticks… well let’s just say that it’s one of my favorite make up products. I love all kinds of make up, I don’t discriminate. I must admit that I for years avoided highlighters because I have oily skin and I usually don’t need any extra ”glow” to my skin. It shines bright enough anyway. But then I tried it, and now I just can’t seem to stay away from highlighters and honestly? I don’t want to.

This eyeshadow palette does not come cheap, but considering that fact that you get four high quality highlighters from ABH, I can’t complain. The packaging, is good. It’s sturdy and slim so it’s easy to bring with you on your travels. Each highlighter is quite large so you also get a lot of product for your moneys worth. A big plus is that the highlighters seem to be refillable.


My favorite shades are ’Golden Bronze’, ’Sunburst’ & ’Dripping In Gold’. I use them all everyday. The shade ’Sunburst’ makes the highlighters pop even more. I usually mix ’Bubbly’ and ’Sunburst’ together for that extra bright highlight. These highlighters are very pigmented, and they last me all day. I still have a highlight going on after an entire work day, and this is with and oily t-zone. They blend really well and I haven’t noticed any patchiness at all. This is the only highlight I’ve been reaching for lately, and since I’ve been really into Becca’s ’Champagne Pop’ that’s saying a lot.

ABHGLOWKITSWATCHSwatches from left to right: ’Sunburst’, ’Golden Bronze’, ’Bubbly’ & ’Dripping in Gold’

+ You get 4 high quality highlighters in one palette.
+ Great packaging.
+ Refillable
+ Great pigmentation
+ Lasts for more than 8 hours.

– Expensive.

All in all? You need this in your life. ASAP. It’s so good I’m considering buying the other palette as well. I mean, you get so much product for your money. And you have more diversity since you have four different shades, so this palette is really great for traveling. Honestly, this is worth every penny.