American Cream conditioner from Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics | 165 SEK/250 g
I’ve been on a hunt to find good hair products and I’ve tried a lot during my search. Some products have been good, some products have been less than stellar and some products have been complete s**t. Excuse my language. I have really oily hair, and I mean REALLY oily hair. If I wash my hair in the morning it’s already oily that same night. It’s not even easy to wash the excess oils out of my hair either. I have to shampoo my hair about three times to get get my hair clean. However, that routine ended the day I bought the Lush shampoo ’I Love Juicy’. After I tried that shampoo and loved it, I just new I had to try a conditioner from them too. A co-worker raved about this conditioner and I just had to go and buy it and I don’t regret it for a second, let me explain.
Price: This bottle is a 250 g bottle and costs 165 SEK. I actually find it a bit expensive. But it lasts for months and it makes my hair healthier and helps it look amazing. So It’s worth it in the end.
Packaging: Unlike when it comes to make up I don’t really care about the appearance of my shampoo/conditioner bottles. As long as they do their job, I’m good. The only complaint I have about the packages is that they’re too small. In Sweden they only sell the small/medium sized bottles and not the big ones they sell for example in the UK. In Sweden the bottle comes in 100 g/ 250 g/ 500 g. The 1 kg bottle doesn’t exist here.
Consistency: The conditioner is creamy and smells really good. It has a thick consistency and it feels really hydtrating on dry and damaged hair without weighing it down. You can use it in wet or dry hair. When you use it in the shower you can really feel it softening and smoothing your hair out. I usually have big tangles and dry hair right after I shampoo it, but this conditioner straightens and smoothes it out. I also use it in my hair after I’ve blow dried it to make it smoother, softer and to get rid of the frizz.
Fragrance: I actually like the fragrance of this conditioner. I’m usually not that fond of the fragrances that Lush add to their products. There are som fragrances that I just can’t stand. They are often very heavy, sweet, artificial and just plain tacky. But this conditioner? Not tacky or wierd at all, it has a sweet vanilla scent to it and is the only conditioner I’ve used where the fragrance actually stays after you’ve dried it.
All in all? I’ll probably only buy my hair products from Lush in the future. Their products make my hair look beautiful, smell amazing and feel healthy at the same time. When it comes to my hair I want to use as little product in it as possible to minimize the damages done. This conditioner has changed my hair game. Will I buy it when I run out of it? Yes. Even though I do find it a bit expensive, I don’t mind paying it for the and results it gives me. If you haven’t tried this conditioner yet, do it! What are you waiting for?