I spent my winter vacation back home in Brazil visiting family and friends. My parents have a small hacienda that they’ve built through the years. I’ve been dreading and longing for this trip for months. I’ve been longing for the most obvious reasons; vacation, warmth, sunshine and good food. Dreading because I honestly hate flying. I despise it, and I’m scared of flying. This time I had to fly all alone. It’s a long journey, its about 2.5 hrs from Stockholm to Paris, then 12 hrs from Paris to São Paulo, and last but not least; 2,5 hrs from São Paulo to Aracaju. I was completely wiped out from that journey.

But once I got there it was amazing. The sun was shining and it was warm. I didn’t have to freeze for once. I spent three and a half weeks just relaxing, sunbathing and enjoying myself. How I wish I was there right now. I miss being on vacation and being free. I’m already looking forward to my next vacation.