Have you ever been doing your eye makeup and gotten annoyed at the fact that you’ve already used your favorite crease brush for another color and now you have to use another, less liked, brush? Or if you’ve been applying your eyeshadow and realized all your brushes are dirty because you don’t own that many brushes? Well, don’t worry. Mama has a solution for you all, and it’s called:

The Vera Mona Color Switch.

Oh, boy where do I start…?! Well let’s just cut right to the chase, I. Love. This. I mean, what’s not to love? This little gem is great for those of us that don’t have that many brushes. Or if you’re like me, you have a bunch of brushes but only reach for a few favorites.


This is what the Color Switch looks like on the inside. This is the Solo version, so its just the sponge and nothing else. The difference from the Solo one and the Duo one, is that the Duo one comes with a hole in the middle. And in that whole there is a small container for you to put liquids in, like water, for when you’re really trying to make your eyeshadow pop. I just spray my brushes with some Mac Fix + so I didn’t really feel like a needed that extra feature.


Let me explain how this baby works. It’s a hard sponge that you swirl your brush on, and what it does, is that it scrapes the color/eyeshadow off your brush so that you can dip your brush into another shade without worrying about color transfer. I know what you’re thinking; ”Did she just say scrape?”. Yes, yes I did. But it’s not as dramatic as it sounds like. It does scrape the color off your brush, but it doesn’t ruin brushes while doing it. I haven’t noticed any impact on my brushes whatsoever.


Voilà! Your brush is now ready for another shade of eyeshadow! I feel like this is a must have for me since I have a few brushes that I always use because I like how they blend well and the results they give me. So now I don’t have to clean my brushes with my MAC Brush Cleanser during makeup application anymore. Which is great because it unfortunately contains alcohol which will ruin your brushes. This is also great for traveling since you don’t have to bring a gazillion brushes with you.

However, this is only for eyeshadow brushes, so don’t try to clean your foundation brush with this, it probably won’t work. Also, I haven’t washed mine yet, but I’ve heard from other users that the sponge is a bit difficult to clean. Difficult, but not impossible. But if that is the only downside, I can totally live with it.

Oh, and I almost forgot. The best thing? It’s cheap.

+ Cheap
+ Great for traveling
+ Doesn’t ruin your brushes
+ Lightweight packaging

– Hard to clean sponge (or so I’ve heard)
– The packaging looks and feels really cheap

All in all? This is a must-have for all you makeup junkies out there.