[Image Source: Pinksofoxy @ instagram]

I’ve had this ambition to create the perfect wardrobe for so long. My ambition is to be able to easily put together an outfit every morning without having to think to much. I’m not a morning person at all and you can easily tell through my outfit when I’ve had a rough morning. But it requires a lot of time, patience and restraint to build the perfect wardrobe. I’ve decided to give it a go again, and this time I’ll bring you guys along for the ride.

I’ve just taken my first two steps towards a perfect wardrobe. My first step was to go through my entire closet and throw out all the things I haven’t used in more than six months.  It actually embarrassed me to see all the clothes I don’t use anymore, and some I haven’t used at all. Such a waste of money when there are so many people out there without proper clothes to wear. So the clothes that were still useable but not worth much, I donated to my local church. They have a second hand store where they sell clothes really cheap and many refugees go there to shop. I’ve saved the more expensive pieces to sell online at a future date. The clothes I felt weren’t all that wearable or sellable, I left at one of the H&M recycling stations at a H&M near where I live. I literally feel so much better now that I’ve gotten rid of so much junk. I’m trying to live more minimalistic and not buy so much stuff. I manage to do that most of the time, just not when it comes to clothes and make up/beauty products. Oh, well. We all have our imperfections.

The second thing I did was make a list of the things I already have and which items I need to buy to achieve the perfect closet. Hopefully knowing what it is I need and don’t need, will eliminate me buying the wrong things or just buying things on a whim. You know, like when you’re grocery shopping when you’re hungry and you end up buying more than you needed. Right now I’m focusing on building up my base wardrobe. So I actually wen’t t-shirt shopping at Asos. I’m not really about to drop hundreds on t-shirts. They get easily soggy, stretched and just plain worn out. But I did make sure to buy 100 % cotton t-shirts in different colors. I bought them in black, white and grey. I’ll show them once I get them in the mail.

My next purchase will be the perfect dark blue jeans. Oh, I already have a pair I’m eyeing. I’m so excited!

3 tips on how to start building the perfect wardrobe:
1. Clear your closet of all clothes you don’t use, need or want.
2. Make a list of the clothes you already have + a list of the items you need
3. Have patience and buy quality over quantity.