I don’t think it has gone unnoticed that liquid lipsticks are hot as fire at the moment. It seems like everyone is coming out with them. I get the whole idea behind them, I mean, who doesn’t want a lipstick that will last you for hours with out reapplying? But as with normal lipsticks, the longer they stay on your lips, the drier the formula. So if you have as dry lips as I do, you can’t just pop on a liquid lipstick without some serious prepping first.

STEP 1: I start out with scrubbing my lips. I try to remember to scrub my lips every night, but let’s get real, sometimes you’re just so eye shattering tired you can’t be bothered with anything. Oh… and then there are those times when you just plain forget, for me, those times are pretty much every day. If I’m honest, I maybe scrub my lips 1-2 times a week. So usually I incorporate scrubbing my lips to my morning routine when I know I want to wear a liquid lipstick that day. Any lip scrub will do, I use the Lush lip scrub in ‘Bubblegum’ just because it smells (tastes) so damn good.

STEP 2: Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! I can’t stress this enough. If you have really dry lips like me, your lips will take a serious beating using liquid lipstick. The reason why I’ve been so late to try the hype of liquid lipsticks is because I absolutely HATE the feeling of dry lips. It makes me self-conscious and usually when I feel self-conscious, I don’t feel confident and it shows. We don’t want none of that, because let’s be honest,  It’s the worst feeling ever (makeup wise). That feeling when you thought you looked bomb, discovered that you didn’t because somehow throughout the day  your makeup started to look a mess, and it feels like everyone can see it and are staring at you. Long story short, moisturize, ok?

Do you have a routine for wearing liquid lipsticks?