I visited the Mall of Scandinavia this past Sunday with my family. Both me and my dad were sick but we were both tired of being holed up inside in the beautiful spring weather. I’m sick because of the damn allergy season, and so not to worsen it we decided to stay indoors as much as possible so the Mall of Scandinavia seemed like a good choice. I’m starting my new job today and I felt like a needed to update my wardrobe for a more sophisticated and chic look. I will now work in a rather conservative setting (as a lawyer) so I can’t really wear sneakers to work anymore (bummer!).

So of course I had to go to my favorite clothing store of them all, Zara. I only bought some basic knits. They’re cheap and beautiful, plus I really loved the details on them They all have gold buttons on the sleeves, it doesn’t show up on the pictures unfortunately. I love Zara knits, they are very comfortable and pretty at the same time. I used to hate polos, but I’ve now grown very fond of them. They look great with your hair up which is how I wear my hair most of the time. Well, used to at least. I’m going to try hard not to wear my hair up now with me new hairstyle. It’s so pretty I shouldn’t hide the Ombré in a bun or a ponytail (plus it was really expensive so I have to show it off, haha).


Orange is my favorite color so you know I had to get a knit in orange. I unfortunately don’t own enough orange pieces in my wardrobe. Mostly my clothes are black, white and blue. I really need to infuse more color to my wardrobe. The next shop I spent my hard earned money in was Massimo Dutti. I’ve maybe been in to their stores about two times before but never really felt like their prices were in my range. But you know what? I’ve decided to buy less, but better items. My ultimate wardrobe goals is to be able to reach into my closet in the morning and put on whatever, and it still looks good. I don’t like to spend 40 minutes in the morning trying out different options because I suddenly wasn’t feeling the outfit I’d prepared the night before. More Zara, Massimo Dutti and other more quality brands (I know Zara isn’t the best quality, but it’s better than H&M) and premium clothing that will last me for years, instead of H&M and other cheap brands that lose their shape and form after a couple of weeks. Quality over quantity I guess.


I bought a pair of slacks that have a elastic band in the waist and a pair of pointy toed ballerinas. These pants are so comfortable! I’m only getting elastic bands in all my pants from now on, haha. They are a dream for us who work long hours sitting down in front of a desk. The only thing is that they are a bit too long and wider at the bottom than I would like them to be, so I’m taking them to a tailor to get them fixed.

I am very pleased with these buys and can’t wait to go out into the world looking classy and chic 😉