I’ve been really into chemical peels lately. Actually, I’m obsessed. But it’s only because i’ve noticed such a difference in my skin after using them. My pores appear smaller, my skin is smoother and less textured and  I suffer from less breakouts. The only breakouts I suffer from now are hormonal, and there are not really much I can do about them.

I started using the Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2 % BHA Liquid just about a week and a half ago, but i’m already obsessed. It has cleared my skin so much and my pores appear so much smaller and since my skin is so much smoother, my make up glides on so much better and looks so much more flawless.

I tried the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Peel for the first time about two days ago. My skin looks better, but I think that the Paula’s Choice 2 % BHA Liquid is whats really been making a difference. The only downside is that I now suffer from dryness around my nose and mouth where I have sensitive skin. Since I have never really suffered from dry skin I’m a little at a loss. I feel like I’ve been applying tons of moisturizer and my oil serum but my skin still feels dry. So if you have a tip on a good moisturizer (for sensitive skin), let me know.

The Benefit Cheekathon blush kit ($ 44.50/ 595 kr) isn’t exactly new on the market. Sorry about being a little late on the ball with this one. I’ve had it since it released this past spring and I honestly thought I had done a review on it already. But alas, I was wrong.

This bronzer and blush palette includes 5 full size shades:
– CORALista
– Dandelion
– Dallas
– Hoola
– Rockateur

CORALista (blush)
A coral-pink blush with a hint of pearl. This color looks great on any skin tone, but will look completely amazing on sun kissed skin. This blush gives you a natural flush that lasts all day. Easily my favorite blush ever (together with NARS Orgasm).

Dandelion (blush & brightening face powder)

This is a pink toned face powder that can be used as both a blush and a brightening face powder. For me personally I only use it as a blush, I can’t really see myself using it as a face powder. Maybe it’ll work for lighter complexions? It is however a very pretty pink blush.

Dallas (blush & bronzer)
A beautiful dusty rose face powder thats great for those days when you want to go for a really natural look. It looks great used as a blush. You honestly don’t need bronzer when you wear this. I would however have preferred it more if it had a pearlized finish like the Coralista blush instead of the matte finish it has now.

Hoola (bronzer)
This has to be one of the most talked about bronzers on youtube. I have wanted to try it for ages and I was so happy when I bought this kit because I could finally get to try it. Unfortunately I soon realized that this bronzer is for light skin girls only. It does not show up on my face at all. If you’re a NC30 and under, this will probably look great on you. But if you have darker skin than that, it won’t show up on your face at all. Such a bummer. This is not a universal bronzer and I honestly don’t get the hype. Since some of those youtube girls use crazy amounts of self tanner, I don’t understand how they can use this bronzer. Either way, I’m very disappointed.

Rockateur (bronzer & highlighter)
One of my most used powders in this palette (the other being Coralista). I sometimes use this as a topper to my bronzer to give it that extra glow, but mostly I just use it as a highlighter. It has such a beautiful shimmer and is actually a mixture of baked, powder, cream and fluid textures which is what gives it such great color payoff.

From top to bottom: CORALista, Dallas, Rockateur, Hoola, Dandelion

Looking at these swatches you’d think the Hoola bronzer would show up on me, but no. Unfortunately it does nothing for me. Other than the Hoola bronzer I find that the color payoff is great and most importantly; they last all day. They last me about 8-10 hours. I can’t really speak for the Hoola bronzer since I’ve only tried using it once and that’s when I realized it does not work for my skin tone. But I don’t find the powders to look dusty or chalky and I find that they blend well and look natural on the skin.

As usual Benefit delivers a cute, girly touch to the packaging. It’s not really my thing, I’m not into pink, frilly and girly stuff so the packaging isn’t what I’d prefer. Also, I think that the packaging is a bit bulky and not really travel friendly. Plus, I find that the brush that comes with the palette is a total waste of space and keeps annoying me since it always has to fall out of the palette. You do however get a good sized mirror and honestly, what drew me the most was the price.

You get five face powders for 44.50 US dollars (I Sverige kostar den 595 kr). One of these powders alone will cost you 23,50 dollars (I Sverige ligger de runt 305 – 310 kr/st) which means that you save about 73 dollars getting this palette instead of buying these powders separately. If that’s not a bargain, I don’t know what is. Even if you’re only interested in only two of these powders, it’s still cheaper to buy the entire palette than to buy those two powders separately.

+ Cheap
+ You get five full sized products
+ Beautiful shades of blush/bronzer and highlight.
+ Big mirror
+ Good color payoff
+ Stays put all day

– Not suitable for all skin tones. Not all of these powders will show up on darker skinned girl/boys (like the Hoola bronzer and the Dallas blush/bronzer)
– Bulky packaging (not travel friendly)
– That damn brush that keeps falling out all the time

All in all? I am super happy with my purchase. I found one of my favorite blushes in ‘Coralista’ and I really love ’Rockateur’ and ’Dallas’. The only powder I’m disappointed with is the ’Hoola’ bronzer, but as it was much cheaper buying this palette instead of the individual powders I can live with it. Definitely one of my best purchases of 2016.

Did you manage to get your hands on the Cheekathon palette? What did you think about it?


I’m a big fan of the Too Faced Chocolate palettes even though I only own the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Palette. But it’s one of my all time favorite palettes, and when I saw the colors of the Sweet Peach palette I just new I had to try to get my hands on it. I bought it at my local Sephora, but since it was limited edition and they only had a few palettes to sell (nine to be exact), I had to sign up on a special list they had to get it. Can you imagine my happiness when they called and said they had a palette for me? Yes, girl. I was ecstatic!

So just like the Chocolate palettes this one smells, not like chocolate, but like peach. Well, at least that’s what they claim it’s supposed to smell like. I honestly have no idea what peaches smell like (do they even smell?). I rarely eat peaches so I have no idea. But I actually don’t like the smell of this palette, it has this sweet cloying smell that doesn’t seem natural. I mean, you can tell the smell is made up of chemicals and that’s never good. Aside from that, it has the similar metal packaging that the Chocolate palettes have as well. Which I like because they are easy to open and have a magnet on the lid that keeps it closed in your makeup bag etc. when your traveling.


The colors in this palette are beautiful. I love the mix of different shades. I even like the green shade, and I have never been into a green shade in my life. My favorite shades are ‘Luscious’, ‘Caramelized’, ‘Cobbler’, ‘Bellini’, ‘Peach Pit’ & ‘Delectable’. I use ‘Luscious’ everyday, sometimes I mix ‘Luscious’ & ‘Bellini’ together to make this amazing shade that reminds me of sunsets. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my makeup when I’ve worn those two shades mixed together.

I personally feel like these shadows last longer than the eyeshadows in previous palettes have done. I mean, I can wear ‘Luscious’ without a primer and it’s still on my lids after a long day at work. Yes, it has creased on me at the end of the day, but not as much as shadows usually do. I still have eyeshadow all over my lid, it just has creased some, but not bad. Whereas some eyeshadows are just in my crease and the rest have somehow mysteriously disappeared during the day. But not with these. They’re buttery and very blendable. The only downside I guess is that some shades are more opaque than the others. Where ‘Luscious’ is very pigmented, I feel like I have to apply more layers of ‘Delectable’ to build up that purple smokey eye to the intensity that I want. But maybe that’s a good thing? It’s easier to build up intensity than it is to remove it.

Here are some swatches from top row to bottom row:

SWEETPEACHSWATCH1Left to right: ‘White Peach’, ‘Luscious’, ‘Just Peachy’, ‘Bless Her Heart’, ‘Tempting’ & ‘Charmed, I’m Sure’


Left to right: ‘Nectar’, ‘Cobbler’, ‘Candied Peach’, ‘Bellini’, ‘Peach Pit’ & ‘Delectable’


Left to right: ‘Peaches ‘N Cream’, ‘Georgia’, ‘Caramelized’, ‘Puree’, ‘Summer Yum’ & ‘Talk Derby To Me’

+ Long lasting eyeshadows
+ Pigmented
+ Beautiful colors that you can create a lot of different eye make up looks with!
+ Buttery and soft consistency
+ Blendable and easy to work with
+ It has a mirror
+ Magnet on the lid

– The smell ( I really don’t like it)
– I wish the mirror was bigger and wasn’t obstructed by the Sweet Peach logo.

All in all? I’m having a really hard time with the smell. I can’t keep the palette open fore more than a few seconds at a time. I’m not really into sweet things so maybe that’s why I don’t like the smell. I mean I hate Nutella and I’m not that fond of cake, candies or cookies either. I do however (strangely) love soft drinks and cheese cake. Mmmm… cheese cake. But that’s about it. So, what I’m trying to get at, is that maybe you’ll love the smell and I’m just being weird. I don’t know. But I can definitely overlook the smell and try to make it work because I love these eyeshadows. So, If you can still get your hands on this palette I do really recommend it.

So this is the second part of my favourite beauty products of 2015. This time around its about makeup products, and more specifically face products. I’d been trying out so many different products last year and I began to be more into high end products and I’ve actually almost completely stopped buying drugstore makeup. I most only buy drugstore mascaras, nailpolishes and lipsticks. To be honest, there aren’t much of those either in my collection. Let’s go through which products I’ve been loving during 2015.
Make Up Forever | Ultra HD Foundation in the shade Y315
The newest addition to my foundation collection and I’ve been using it non-stop since I got it. At first I was a bit disappointed because I had expected it to have full coverage, but it doesn’t. The girl at the Sephora where I bought it said it had medium to full coverage, but this foundation is very runny and is not at all full coverage. However, it’s buildable. So you can go from sheer coverage to medium coverage and the best part? It doesn’t look cakey and it looks very natural. It blends into my skin smoothly and the color range is amazing! So even if it isn’t full coverage (I’m a full coverage kind of girl) I still love this foundation. 
Laura Mercier | Silk Crème Oil Free Photo Edition Foundation
Now this is a full coverage foundation. I usually wear this foundation to work, especially if I’m in a hurry, because I don’t need to use any concealer and this foundation covers all my redness around and on my nose and chin area. Love it! This however isn’t very buildable. It looks cakey if you use too much.
Estée Lauder | Double Wear Stay-In-Place All Day Foundation in ‘4N1 Shell Beige’
I love this foundation! It isn’t as full coverage as the Laura Mercier one, but it definitely has more coverage than the MUFE Ultra HD foundation. This looks natural and it doesn’t separate or glide off during the day. The only downside to this foundation (except for the price) is that the color range isn’t that great. I can only really use this foundation when I’m tan, because they don’t have my “pale” shade. 
MAC | Pro Longwear Concealer in NC35
Favorite concealer of all time. I love this more than the Nars Creamy concealer. I’m not that into thick heavy concealers and this one is very lightweight but you still get amazing coverage from it! I’ve used it so much I’ve run out of it in all three shades I own. 
MAC | Prep + Prime Fix+
The best all around setting spray. This doesn’t make my makeup last longer, but it does my make base look more natural and less cakey. Plus I love this when I use eyeshadow because of the glycerin it contains, it makes your eyeshadows look more intense plus you can use it instead of a mixing medium when applying glitter to you eyelids! I’ve already used up three of these bad boys in like 8 months. This is a staple in my collection. When I run out, I always buy more.
Kat Von D | Shade & Light Contour Palette
I haven’t had this palette for long, but once I used this bad boy my ABH contour kit had to retire early. The shades in this palette are so pigmented and they are more cool toned. Plus the “banana powder” in this palette actually brightens, you can immediately see the difference. Yeah, I won’t be swithing back to ABH anytime soon.
NARS | Blush in ‘Torrid’
My most used blush this year by far, I use it almost everyday. This is my perfect everyday blush. Enough said.
Anastasia Beverly Hills | Dipbrow Pomade in ‘Dark Brown’
What did I do with my life before I found this Dipbrow Pomade? I’m afraid to look back at old pictures because my brows were a mess. My brows are still a mess, but at least now I can hide the mess during the day when I have this on. I will never stop using this pomade. Ever.
MAC | Mineralize Skin Finish in ‘Give me Sun!’
Favorite bronzer! This gives me that perfect sunkissed glow! This looks especially good on me during summer. It’s a bit on the orange side so don’t go overboard with it. Plus, it’ll probably look best on olive complexions because of that same reason.
Laura Mercier | Loose Setting Powder in ‘Translucent’
Best. Powder. Ever. Do I even need to explain it’s magic? If you don’t have it, Get it! Because you need it! This powder will make your base look flawless plus it’s great for “baking”. However, it isn’t all that great for your wallet.
Becca Cosmetics | Shimmering Skin Perfector (Pressed) in ‘Opal’
I did a recent review of this beauty. If you’re gonna buy any highlighter. Get this one. You will not regret it. It has that perfect wet look that doesn’t look unnatural or powder as some highlighters do. This will make you naturally glowy, just apply it with a gentle hand if you’re going for the natural look, because a little of this will go a long way.
Bobbi Brown | Shimmer Brick in ‘Bronze’
My most used highlighter this summer. This will give you that natural bronzed glow so it’s ideal when you’re tan. I’ve even used it as eyeshadow, looks great even though it doesn’t have the same intensity and pigmentation as an eyeshadow should have.
Laura Geller | Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in ‘Gilded Honey’
I just reviewed this bad boy, so if you want a more in depth explanation as to why I love it, scroll a few posts down and you’ll see. All you really need to know is that this baby will give you that golden glow you cannot be without. This and the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick will be my go-to highlighters this summer whan I’m tan.
The Balm | ‘Mary-Lou Manizer’ Highlighter
Probably my most used highlighter during the entire year. I probably wore this highlighter 75% of the year. This highlight is not for the weak of heart because this highlight will be seen from outer space. It is however a little light for me when I’m tan, so I don’t really use it during summer, but that’s just a personal preference.
Do you have any favorite face products of 2015?

Ni har väl inte missat att Kat Von D lanseras hos Sephora den 16 februari? Spara datumet i almanackan, mobilen, på en post it, en runsten, vad som helst! Glöm det bara inte! Be there or be square!