This is a hard post to write. Why, you might ask? Well, maybe because I totally fell for the hype and bought an expensive bottle of coconut oil that now a days just stands on shelf in my bathroom. Or, it could be because it broke me out. I’m so sad just thinking about it, because I really thought I was on to something amazing.

I really liked using coconut oil as a cleanser because it is a great remover of make up, especially mascara. I have such a hard time removing my mascara, I feel like I loose at least 5 eyelashes every time I try to remove it, it’s at the point where I don’t like to use mascara anymore. So if anyone has a tip for a good eye  make up remover, let a sister know.

Anyway, my whole venture into using coconut oil as a cleanser started with a tip from a Sephora employee who recommended I use an oil based cleanser for my oily skin. Mind you, I had not told her I had oily skin, nor had I complained about it. So I guess she just took a look at my shiny face and had pity on me. Thanks girl! Anyway, that tip planted a seed in my mind. I started using the GlamGlow Power Cleanser and I really loved that one. But I did notice that somedays when my skin was a little drier it made the dryness worse. So I went to thinking, why not get a more natural oil thats easily accessible and not as expensive as a Sephora cleanser? Well first of all, coconut oil is not cheap in Sweden and it almost always comes in a jar. I really don’t like jars because it doesn’t feel like they are very hygienic and I hate getting things under my nails. Yuck.

So I bought my coconut oil at Ricky’s NYC thinking it would be cheap. Yeah, nope. But hey, at least it wasn’t in a jar. I bought the coconut oil back in July of last year when I was in New York. By the end of august I started having major problems with my skin. I started having acne to the point where I was questioning my life. I didn’t have acne breakouts as a teenager, so why the heck would I start having them at the age of 26? First I thought it was my “over use” of the Murad AHA/BHA cleanser, So I stopped using it, but the breakouts just wouldn’t stop. My skin actually started to get better during my trip to Brazil. I didn’t bring the coconut oil with me as I thought, well…. it’s Brazil if I want coconut oil I can get it for cheap there. But big difference came when I started experimenting with acids on my skin. Not using coconut oil and the exfoliators really helped remove those last dregs of clogged pores. And that’s when it hit me. Maybe that coconut oil wasn’t all that after all?

That’s when I looked it up (yes I did look it up beforehand, but everyone was raving so much about it so I must have missed the warnings). Coconut oil is a comedogenic oil. It’s a 4 on 0-5 scale. That actually means its very clogging and can easily cause acne. It still seems to works for a lot of people out as so many are raving about it. But, if you have sensitive, acne prone skin (like I do), then you might want to be a bit more careful. Because it can cause you to break you out. I still use coconut oil in my hair, but after my experience I’m not applying it anywhere near my face anymore. So if you are using it and you’re having this nagging feeling that it’s the culprit of your breakouts, stop using it. Your skin is not detoxing, It’s clogged.

I’m going to do better research when it comes to skin care in the future. I never want to have bad skin like that ever again. Just be mindful that this is my personal experience using coconut oil. It might be doing wonders for you. I just want people to be more careful of what they apply to their faces, and not give in to hypes so easily. We’ve all done it, but hopefully someone else who’s not having a great experience with coconut oil might read this and feel like it’s not their fault its not working for them, just because it’s working for everyone else.