Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette: Review & Swatches

naked heat palette

The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette (12 x 1.3 g/ 12 x 0.05 oz) is finally mine! Guys, I haven’t been this excited about a new makeup launch for months. I think the last item I went this bananas over was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario and that has been my favorite and most used eyeshadow palette ever since. The second I saw Urban Decay post about the launch of this palette on Instagram I knew I had to have the Naked Heat palette in my collection. Now that I have it and have gotten to play around with, do I still think that it’s worth the hype? Let’s find out.

naked heat palette

The packaging is actually really good, It’s the same sturdy kind of plastic that the Naked Smoky palette was made of and I like it a lot better than the old metal/suede packaging. Since it is so sturdy, and contains such a big mirror, I think the packaging is quite travel friendly. The only downside is that it’s still kind of thick and it’s not very suitable for travel if you have limited space in your bag. The palette comes with the usual dual ended makeup brush like all the other palettes in the collection. I normally don’t like or use the brushes that come with eyeshadow palettes because they’re usually of pretty horrible quality. However, the brushes that come with the Naked eyeshadow palettes are actually quite good and I use them all the time.

naked heat palette

The Naked Heat palette consists of 12 new shades that include warm browns, burnt oranges and rich siennas. The 12 new shades are:

  • Ounce: an ivory shimmery shade that can be used as a brow highlight and in the inner corner. This is probably my least favorite shade in the palette as I feel like a light golden shade would probably have been more appropriate than this ivory shade. It would have made the palette more cohesive and it would have suited the warmth of the other shades better.
  • Chaser: a light nude matte shade that I use as a base to set my eyeshadow primer so that the eyeshadows don’t skip or look patchy on me. When I first saw the palette and when I first swatched it I didn’t think I would be able to pull this shade off because it looks too light and a bit grey in the pan. But it’s actually the perfect shade for me to set my lids with because it kind of matches my skin tone. So this is one shade I will most definitely use with every application.
  • Sauced: is described as a soft terra-cotta matte even though it looks (at least to me) like a very cool, light brown shade in the pan. However, it actually applies darker and warmer on the lid which was a very pleasant surprise. It actually looks warm and slightly orange once applied and it seriously is a perfect crease shade. When I first saw this palette I felt like it was missing a light, orangey/brown crease shade but it really wasn’t.
  • Low Blow: a brown matte that’s slightly cooler than Sauced but not very much darker, this is yet another great crease shade. Sauced and Low Blow mixed together is a great combination for the crease.
  • Lumbre: a copper shimmer with pearl gold shift that looks just as amazing in a elaborate look like it does on it’s own. I love this shade, it kind of reminds me of the ’Just Peachy’ shade in the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, only it’s more way more metallic and pigmented.
  • He Devil: a burnt red matte that also looks amazing in the crease. I usually use this as my second crease shade to deepen up my look a bit and I really love it. It blends well and looks great no matter what shades I decide to use for my look.
  • Dirty Talk: a metallic burnt red that looks absolutely stunning on the lid. I’ve found it looks almost copper/bronze in daylight but indoors it does truly look like a metallic red. It’s one of my favorite shades from this palette.
  • Scorched: a deep red metallic with gold micro-shimmer is yet another stunning shade that looks amazing on the lid. I feel like it has more glitter in it that Dirty Talk, so I’ve only used it for nighttime looks.
  • Cayenne: a deep terra-cotta matte that is yet another amazing crease shade to deepen it up for a more dramatic smoky look.
  • En Fuego: a burgundy matte that’s I find myself using a lot to deepen up my crease and create a more smoky look. It blends beautifully and doesn’t look patchy even though burgundy and purple shades are hard to get right.
  • Ashes: a deep reddish-brown matte which looks more purple than red to me and I find it a bit hard to blend, I feel like it can sometimes look patchy and unblended so I don’t use it as much as I would want to. Maybe it’s because I’m not a pro at blending, or that it skipped because I hadn’t set my eye primer properly, but purple shades are really hard to get right.
  • Ember: a deep metallic copper burgundy that looks utterly amazing as a lid shade on a dark smoky eye. However, this shade will stain your brushes (if the hairs are white) or your finger dark blue/black so be mindful of that. It kind of freaked me out a bit, but thankfully it didn’t stain my eyelid and it washes off when you clean your brush.

I was actually a little bit worried about the color payoff as I was swatching this palette on my arm, but honestly, this is one of those palettes that doesn’t swatch the best but looks amazing on the eyes. Not surprisingly the shimmer shades swatch the best and have the best color payoff. However, you do have to apply the shimmery shades with either your fingers or a wet, dense brush. Otherwise they will hardly show up on your lid.

The matte shades are super creamy and easy to work with. I don’t find them chalky at all and they are very pigmented. But they have the kind of color payoff that you have to build up, which is quite good as a lot of these crease shades are quite dark, so it makes the palette very user friendly. These are actually some of my favorite matte shades ever and I’ve never really been a big fan of crease shades and blending because I find it time consuming and quite boring. However, with this palette it’s actually fun to blend and play around with crease shades, and I’ve found myself getting better at blending because I use so many of the mattes in every look.

I find all the shades blend very well and the only one I’ve had trouble with is Ashes. As I’ve already stated, It’s probably because purple shades are really hard to make and get right. Sometimes the eyeshadow blends well on me and sometimes it looks patchy and streaky. It may as well be that I’m not a pro when it comes to makeup and application, or that my brushes aren’t good enough, but my eyeshadows don’t usually look patchy on me.

With a good eyeshadow base, these shadows will last you for hours. When I use my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer as my eyeshadow primer and set it with the shade Chaser, the eye look will easily last me for 8 hours without creasing or fading. They will look as good as when I applied them which, to me, is pretty amazing. However, used on it’s own (without primer) they will fade and crease on me. Keep in mind that I have very oily eyelids and nothing stays put if I don’t prime them first.

naked heat palette
Crease: SaucedHe Devil & En Fuego // Lid: Dirty Talk // Lower lash line: Cayenne & Dirty Talk // Inner corner: Laura Geller Gilded Honey  // Mascara: Too Faced Better Than Sex

What’s unique about the Naked Heat palette in comparison to the other Naked palettes is that it’s a warm toned palette where the previous Naked palettes have all been pretty cool toned. For me, as I’ve learned more and more about make up and what I like, I have stopped using the previous Naked palettes because they are too cool toned for me and my skin tone. They also contain a lot of dark, smokey and shimmery shades which are very hard for me to do an everyday look with. As a female working in a corporate environment, my makeup needs to look somewhat natural but polished because my clients need to take me seriously.

Where the previous Naked palettes contained a lot of shimmery shades and few mattes, the Naked Heat palette is a lot easier to create different looks with as it actually includes more mattes than shimmers. However, I do feel like this palette is still a little too dark for me when it comes to everyday looks. As it has so many red tones, I do feel like natural, everyday looks are kind of hard to pull off with this palette. But then again, neither of the previous palettes (with maybe the exception of the Naked 3 palette) have been aimed at those kinds of natural looks that I go for. I will still use this palette for days when I’m off work or for those days where I’ll just be at the office with no court appearances.

+ A lot of matte shades that are perfect crease shades
+ Easy to blend
+ Pigmented
+ Warm tones that will suit most skin types from fair to dark
+ Good packaging with big mirror
+ Shades complement each other well
+ Easy to come up with a cohesive look

– The packaging is a bit bulky
– Hard for me to create natural everyday looks
– Expensive (same price point as other Naked palettes)

All in all? I really do love this palette and It’s the only palette I’ve been reaching for since I got it. In my opinion, it’s the best Naked palette so far. I will have a hard time using this for my everyday makeup as it’s too red and doesn’t look very natural. Every eye look I’ve tried to do have ended up looking somewhat smoky and dark. However, that’s no fault of the palette. Looking at the shades in it I should have known better. But I still don’t regret buying the palette, as I feel like I will still get a lot of use out of it. Is this a must-have palette? No. There are a million warm toned palettes out there. But I feel like this is so user friendly and the different shades complement each other to the point that you don’t have to think a lot when creating a look. All shades go with each other and end up looking amazing together. So if you’re new to warm red and burgundy tones I definitely recommend this palette as it will almost do the work for you.