Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free SPF 20 UVB/UVA (50 ml / 1.7 fl. oz. for 470 Kr / 44 $) is a lightweight foundation (tinted moisturizer) that’s supposed to help control oil breakthrough and add a hint of color to enhance your skin without hiding it. It’s also supposed to give you a natural and healthy glow.

I have extremely oily skin in my T-zone, especially on my forehead and my nose. This TM is supposed to be oil free and good for us oily skinned people. However, even if it’s without any oil, I still feel like I quickly look oily. I have to set it with powder in the morning, and even so, I still look oily after like 1-2 hours. So I have to blot/powder my face throughout the day. I do however still think that it holds up well pretty well. I have a problem with a lot of foundations sliding off/rubbing off on my nose. This actually doesn’t, and I was really surprised as this is a tinted moisturizer with super light coverage (my NARS Velvet Matte tinted moisturizer does not stay on my nose all day even though it has a drier formula and more coverage). The only other foundation/base I’ve found so far that doesn’t slide off, is the Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation.

Even having to reapply powder throughout the day, this TM stays looking natural and not cakey at all. It’s probably also thanks to my powder (the Make Up Forever HD High Definition Pressed Powder), because you can’t tell I’ve reapplied powder on top of the TM, not even after the fourth application. I really, really love that.

This TM comes in 15 different shades, just not here where I live.  I’m always in-between shades and I have a really yellow undertone to my skin. Also, living in a Scandinavian country when you have olive/medium/tan/dark skin, your going to have a hard time finding a foundation that matches your skin tone. I unfortunately couldn’t find a perfect match so the shade I got (Sand) is a bit too dark for me. I do however feel like Laura Mercier, as a brand, has a good shade range. Even for those with darker complexions.

I have heard and read reviews of people having trouble with the TM oxidizing at the end of the day, and even the girl in the store where I went to get matched warned me about it. I haven’t experienced any oxidizing myself, but there is a chance it might on you. Get a sample first.

I do really love this TM, but I have to honest. This will only look good on you if you have good skin. If you’re having a bad skin day, forget it. Or use a really good concealer. This does not cover redness or spots, that’s where concealer comes in handy. It will stick to dry spots (like it has on my nostrils and around my nose in the above picture) and look splotchy and powdery (at least on me). However, if you’re having a good skin day this TM is going to make you look naturally luminous. Your skin is still going to look like your skin, but better. Just know that this TM looks best after 10-15 minutes when it has dried a little. That’s when you start noticing the coverage, so do not put a lot of this product on thinking it’s going to help. Just apply it sparingly and wait for it to dry a bit.

UPDATE: I mixed some of my CoverFX custom cover drops with the TM. My CoverFX is normally too light for me, I used is in an attempt to lighten up the TM since it is too dark for me at the moment. Best. Decision. Ever. Now the TM matches my skin tone, it gives it more coverage so my skin looks better even on those days where it’s not looking so good. And the drops make the TM a bit less shiny looking so I don’t look as oily, which means less blotting throughout the day. Best of all? It does all this and still looks as natural as ever. Yes! Move over Estée Lauder Double Wear, there’s a new base in town.

– Looks natural
– Good shade range
– Stays put all day
– makes skin look luminous
– It comes in a tube (no pump, yay!)
– You get a lot of product for your moneys worth (will last you ages)

– Runny consistency
– Sticks to dry patches and make them look splotchy
– Smells a bit like sun screen
– It feels bit like you’ve applied a heavy moisturizer at first before it’s dry
– Expensive

All in all? I was really confused about this TM. I was loving this TM for everyday use, but at the same time, I kind of hated it. I was ambivalent. Sometimes I looked amazing with it and sometimes I looked a hot mess. What changed was when I started mixing a couple of drops of the CoverFX into it. After that I just loved it, no ambivalence about it (even though I’m suffering from dry patches around my nose at the moment because of the Paulas Choice 2 % BHA Liquid). So now that I know the results I get after mixing it with the Cover FX Custom Cover drops, I will definitely be repurchasing this again. I’ve never had a base look so natural and flawless on me. It literally looks like my skin, but better. Amen.