TOM FORD | Lipsticks in ’Sable Smoke’, ’Pink Dusk’ & ’Wild Ginger’
I bought these at Macy’s when I was in New York last summer. They have easily become my favorite lipsticks because of their creamy consistency and perfect shades. Do I think that they are worth the incredibly expensive price tag? No, they are not better quality than my YSL lipsticks or  my Mac lipsticks, but the colors are perfect and right up my alley. I love moisturizing lipsticks like YSL and Tom Ford. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Mac lipsticks, but even their moisturizing formula dry my lips out. Sable smoke is my favorite of them all, but Wild Ginger is gorgeous on tan skin in the summer. It was my go to lip color when I was on my vacation i Brazil.

YVES SAINT LAURENT | Lipstick in ’No. 3 Ultimate Beige’
Such a creamy, beautiful consistency. This shade is also one of my favorite nudes (Sable smoke being no. 1 of course). My plan is to get my hands on more of these lipsticks. Fortunately they are not as expensive as the Tom Ford lipsticks. I love the beautiful packaging so much and they are moisturizing, which is a must for my dry lips.

MAC | Lipsticks in ’Viva Glam V’, ’Brave’ & ’Faux’
I remember buying my Viva Glam V at Sephora Champs Elysées in Paris back when I was there in 2014. I asked a girl at the MAC counter to help me pick a natural looking shade. When she chose Viva Glam V, I honestly thought she had no idea what she was doing. It looked dark and had big chunks of glitter in it, but when I tried it I fell in love. It’s the perfect everyday nude shade. It looks like my own lips, but better. Brave and Faux are other favorites. Not my favorite consistency because they can end up feeling a little dry on my super dry lips, but the shades are to die for. If you looking for a nude lipstick go give MAC a chance, they have nude shades for for all skin colors.

These are hands down my favorite glosses. They are so opaque its crazy. I usually use them on their own, sometimes I’ll line my lips with some lip liner. They are not sticky, which is the best part. Because the one thing I hate about lip glosses is that they always get stuck in your hair somehow. Even when it’s not windy. Like, how is that even possible? My favorite shades are: Kristen, Vintage, Metallic Rose & Gilded.

DOSE OF COLORS | Liquid lipstick in ’Truffle’ & ’Coral Crush’
I’m not really into liquid lipsticks. I wish I was because the thought of your lipstick lasting all day sounds like a dream. Unfortunately Liquid lipsticks are very drying, and that’s not good for us dry lipped girls. I’ve tried about anything as a primer underneath and it just doesn’t work for me. However, these Dose of Colors liquid lipsticks are my favorite, because they don’t feel as drying as some other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried. My least favorite liquid lipsticks have to be from Mac (the retro lip ones) and Anastasia Beverly Hills. So sad.

KAT VON D | Everlasting liquid lipstick in ’Lolita’ & ’Mother’
These are also not as drying as some others I’ve tried. I can use these without feeling like I wanna rip my lips right off of my face. These are second to my Dose of Colors ones.

TOO FACED | Liquid lipstick in ’Melted Chihuahua’ & Melted Fig’
These are not as matte as the formulas of the liquid lipsticks above, which is probably why I can’t use these an entire day without feeling like I’m living in Western Sahara. They don’t last as long as the ones above, and they are not completely smudge proof. I don’t mind really, any liquid lipstick that doesn’t kill my lips is great.

What are your favorite lip products?