Have you ever bought a foundation thinking that it was a perfect match, only to find out that it’s way to pink? I think that has happened to the best of us. Usually the foundations look good when you apply them and you only realize it’s too pink once you’re out the door, in the sunshine, and it’s to late to do anything about it. Don’t worry, I got you. Here’s how you make your foundation yellow toned.

You can either mix your foundation and yellow coloring in a small jar or you can just mix it directly onto the back of your hand. I usually just mix it onto the back of my hand each morning. As a person of color, the color of my skin can differ from one week to another. So it’s much easier to just mix the amount I’m going to use each morning. If you do decide to mix your foundation in a jar or pot, be aware that your foundation may oxidize into a different color (some foundations do that).

I don’t measure it in a special way or anything, I really just eyeball it. Just make sure that when you have applied the mixed foundation to your face, bring a mirror to your nearest window and see if the foundation still looks pink or if it looks natural. I can’t tell you how much yellow pigment to use because not everyone has the same amount of yellow undertones. It’s really trial and error. I for instance have a very yellow undertone to my skin. I can use the yellow corrector from L.A. Girl directly onto my face and it blends perfectly with my skin. Unlike the green corrector that makes my skin look sick and does not remove redness at all. So I can use a lot of yellow corrector without it making me look weird.

Important to know
– A primer/corrector is usually mixed with other things so you need more product to get your shade right, whereas a liquid pigment or food coloring is more pigmented so you have to be careful only to use a little at a time when mixing (only a drop or two).
– I also wouldn’t recommend pouring the yellow base straight into your foundation bottle because if you don’t get the shade right than you’ve wasted an entire bottle of foundation (can’t have that, can we?)
– Using too much yellow can cause your foundation to become lighter, so keep that in mind.

Some examples of products that can be used to make your foundation yellow toned:

foundation yellow toned

MAC Prep + Prime Color Correcting SPF 30 – Neutralize (yellow)

foundation yellow toned

Make Up For Ever Chromatic Mix – 02 Yellow

foundation yellow toned

L.A Girl PRO Conceal HD Concealer in ”Yellow Corrector”

Foundation yellow toned

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

Okay, so I’ve used all of the products above except for the Chromatic mix from Make Up For Ever. It’s part of their PRO line, and they don’t sell that here in Sweden unfortunately. My favorites are the yellow correctors from L.A. Girl and The Cover FX Custom Cover drops.

I just pump/squeeze some foundation onto the back of my hand and add a couple of drops of either the yellow corrector or the Custom Cover Drops. Since I’ve done it so many times,  I can now pretty easily gauge how much yellow corrector I need. When it comes to the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops, make sure that you’re using shades that start with G. For example, my pale shade is G40. G stands for golden, and will give your foundation a more yellow tone when mixed together. What’s great about the Custom Cover Drops is that you can even make your foundation lighter or darker depending on what shade you use. I use G40 to lighten up my darker foundations for those times when I’m pale.

I will update this page every now and then when I find a new yellow corrector/fluid. If you found this post helpful please let me know in the comments section below!