Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

The Cover FX Custom Cover Drops Foundation (44 dollars/495 kr for 0.5 oz./15 ml) is described as a innovative and revolutionary dropper bottle full of pure pigment that you can mix in with your favorite liquid beauty products to create your own tinted moisturizer or ideal foundation.

This product was a game changer when it launched a few years ago, and in many ways it still is. The idea behind these foundation drops is amazing and I knew I had to try it the second I heard about it. The idea that you can custom make your own tinted moisturizer using your favorite moisturizer is appealing to many of us. What appealed me the most was the fact that I could improve my different foundations by making them more full coverage. I’m a full coverage kind of girl and that thought appealed to me a lot.

This product is advertised as suitable for all kinds of skin types and is said to leave you with a matte and radiant finish. Your desired coverage will depend on how many drops you add to your liquid beauty product:

  • 1 drop = sheer coverage
  • 2 drops = medium coverage
  • 3 drops = full coverage
  • 4 drops = extra full coverage

You can add it to any of your favorite liquid beauty products from moisturizers, serums, face oils and primers. Depending on what you’re mixing your Custom Cover Drops with, it will give you a different finish. For a radiant finish, mix it with your facial oils, serums and creams.  For a matte finish, mix it with a mattifying primer or a lightweight moisturizer.

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

I bought mine when I was in New York a year ago, that was before they started selling Cover FX products here in Sweden. I was actually not feeling this product at all at first and I didn’t like the way it sat on my face when I mixed it with my daily moisturizer (Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream). So I put it in my drawer and kind of forgot about it until about march/april of this year when I bought my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free SPF 20 UVB/UVA and realized after a while that the tinted moisturizer was too dark and too pink for my skin tone (if you want to know hot to make your foundation yellow toned? Then check out this blog post). Digging through my drawers I found the bottle of the Custom Cover Drops and decided to mix it in with my base to cancel out the pink in it and also make it lighter. I instantly fell in love because it not only changed the tone and made the base lighter, it also improved the (almost nonexistent) coverage of the tinted moisturizer. Finally, I had found the perfect use for my Custom Cover Drops.

Even though it improved my tinted moisturizer and made me love it more, there are some issues with the Custom Cover Drops that I’m just not a fan of. First of all, these drops are really matte and drying. It made my otherwise super dewy tinted moisturizer have a matte finish. Which is not a problem per se, but sometimes it made my foundation so matte that my face felt dry after applying my tinted moisturizer to my entire face. Mind you, I use only a drop or two. So, If you have dry skin, make sure to moisturize really well before adding this to your desired base.

Beware of the fact that it will make your base look caky if you apply too many drops. I honestly can’t imagining adding four drops of this to my base and stepping out of my house feeling and looking comfortable and confident. But my biggest gripe is the fact that the product dries up so quickly in the bottle. It took me 2-3 months of use before I completely ran out of it, and I even noticed that I was struggling after just a month to get any drops out of the bottle. The dropper does not have a stopper, so the opening eventually ends up full of dried up product (see second picture above). Overtime, when you screw the dropper back on to the bottle it will push that gunk out onto the sides and the bottle will become all dirty and sticky (see picture below). I actually could  store it i my drawer after a while because it kept making everything in my drawers dirty.

I’m torn about this product because I still think that the idea behind it is great. As someone who has a hard time finding an appropriate shade when it comes to foundations and tinted moisturizers, I can use these drops to custom create the perfect coverage and shade for my foundation. By using a lighter shade I could make my foundation lighter, and by using a darker shade I can make my foundation darker. Using the golden shades I can turn my pink toned foundations more golden and yellow toned to fit my skin tone. It has enabled me to use all those pinky toned foundations that I had accidentally bought thinking they were matching.  But the main problem for me is that I think it’s too expensive for the amount of product and use that you’re getting out of one bottle. It really annoys me that you can’t even use all of the product because it dries out so fast.

+ Adds more coverage to your foundation
+ You can use it to lighten up/darken your foundation
+ Depending on which tone you choose you can use it to change the tone of your foundation if it’s too pink or too yellow.
+ You can mix it with a moisturizer to custom create your own tinted moisturizer.
+ Great shade range

– Expensive
– Not enough product
– Dries up in the bottle
– Lack of stopper in the bottle causes a dirty mess
– Can easily make your foundation or base look too caky

All in all? I have a love/hate relationship with this product. I love it because it can help me customize my foundations and bases to suit my skin better when it comes to shade and tone. But I just find it too expensive for what you’re actually getting. Let’s just say I’m not in a hurry to repurchase this anytime soon. It’s too much money down the drain for the small amount I’m getting, and they really need to fix that dropper and bottle before I even consider buying this again. Until then I’ll just be over here mixing and my matching my foundations/bases with other foundations and concealers that I have at home.