I’m a big fan of the Too Faced Chocolate palettes even though I only own the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Palette. But it’s one of my all time favorite palettes, and when I saw the colors of the Sweet Peach palette I just new I had to try to get my hands on it. I bought it at my local Sephora, but since it was limited edition and they only had a few palettes to sell (nine to be exact), I had to sign up on a special list they had to get it. Can you imagine my happiness when they called and said they had a palette for me? Yes, girl. I was ecstatic!

So just like the Chocolate palettes this one smells, not like chocolate, but like peach. Well, at least that’s what they claim it’s supposed to smell like. I honestly have no idea what peaches smell like (do they even smell?). I rarely eat peaches so I have no idea. But I actually don’t like the smell of this palette, it has this sweet cloying smell that doesn’t seem natural. I mean, you can tell the smell is made up of chemicals and that’s never good. Aside from that, it has the similar metal packaging that the Chocolate palettes have as well. Which I like because they are easy to open and have a magnet on the lid that keeps it closed in your makeup bag etc. when your traveling.


The colors in this palette are beautiful. I love the mix of different shades. I even like the green shade, and I have never been into a green shade in my life. My favorite shades are ’Luscious’, ’Caramelized’, ’Cobbler’, ’Bellini’, ’Peach Pit’ & ’Delectable’. I use ’Luscious’ everyday, sometimes I mix ’Luscious’ & ’Bellini’ together to make this amazing shade that reminds me of sunsets. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my makeup when I’ve worn those two shades mixed together.

I personally feel like these shadows last longer than the eyeshadows in previous palettes have done. I mean, I can wear ’Luscious’ without a primer and it’s still on my lids after a long day at work. Yes, it has creased on me at the end of the day, but not as much as shadows usually do. I still have eyeshadow all over my lid, it just has creased some, but not bad. Whereas some eyeshadows are just in my crease and the rest have somehow mysteriously disappeared during the day. But not with these. They’re buttery and very blendable. The only downside I guess is that some shades are more opaque than the others. Where ’Luscious’ is very pigmented, I feel like I have to apply more layers of ’Delectable’ to build up that purple smokey eye to the intensity that I want. But maybe that’s a good thing? It’s easier to build up intensity than it is to remove it.

Here are some swatches from top row to bottom row:

SWEETPEACHSWATCH1Left to right: ’White Peach’, ’Luscious’, ’Just Peachy’, ’Bless Her Heart’, ’Tempting’ & ’Charmed, I’m Sure’


Left to right: ’Nectar’, ’Cobbler’, ’Candied Peach’, ’Bellini’, ’Peach Pit’ & ’Delectable’


Left to right: ’Peaches ’N Cream’, ’Georgia’, ’Caramelized’, ’Puree’, ’Summer Yum’ & ’Talk Derby To Me’

+ Long lasting eyeshadows
+ Pigmented
+ Beautiful colors that you can create a lot of different eye make up looks with!
+ Buttery and soft consistency
+ Blendable and easy to work with
+ It has a mirror
+ Magnet on the lid

– The smell ( I really don’t like it)
– I wish the mirror was bigger and wasn’t obstructed by the Sweet Peach logo.

All in all? I’m having a really hard time with the smell. I can’t keep the palette open fore more than a few seconds at a time. I’m not really into sweet things so maybe that’s why I don’t like the smell. I mean I hate Nutella and I’m not that fond of cake, candies or cookies either. I do however (strangely) love soft drinks and cheese cake. Mmmm… cheese cake. But that’s about it. So, what I’m trying to get at, is that maybe you’ll love the smell and I’m just being weird. I don’t know. But I can definitely overlook the smell and try to make it work because I love these eyeshadows. So, If you can still get your hands on this palette I do really recommend it.