Where do I begin? This post has been a long time coming because this palette has probably been my most used palette this year. I know, it’s only April but considering the ridiculous amount of eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes that I own, it’s a small miracle I’ve consistently been sticking to this one. I’ve been reaching for this palette more than my Tartelette ’In Bloom’ palette and that one is just pure love. The reason I’ve been reaching for this more is that it contains a bunch of bronze colors that I love, plus it has the best crease color ever. I love orange toned crease colors like ’Morocco’ from Anastasia Beverly Hills, which used to be my favorite crease color until this palette and the shade ’Peanut Butter’ came along.

I purchased this baby at my local Sephora and it set me back about 450 SEK (that’s about 55 USD), this is a completely normal price for an eyeshadow palette here in Sweden. I know the Urban Decay Naked palettes cost around 490 SEK so I can’t really complain about the price. I was in doubt as wether to get this palette or the original Chocolate Bar palette. However, that blue color really spoke to me so I went with this one, a decision I haven’t regretted.

I love the packaging! It’s cute (I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate?), it’s sturdy and has a good size mirror so this baby will withstand a lot of traveling. The best part? It smells like chocolate! And it smells a lot like chocolate. However, this doesn’t smell like chocolate when it’s on your face, so you don’t have to worry about cravings throughout the day, haha. I like that it has a magnet on the lid, so it’s easy to open but at the same time you don’t have to worry about it popping open and breaking the shadows when you’re traveling with it.


As you can see, this palette contains some beautiful bronze colors and I just absolutely love that pop of blue! I’m really into deep blue eyeshadows, there’s something about a proper blue smokey eye that just calls to me. My most used shades are: Peanut Butter (of course), Bon Bon, Caramel, Rum Raisin, Mousse, Frosting and Hot Fudge.

The shadows are smooth and buttery, they glide on very well and blend like a dream. Unfortunately when it comes to pigmentation, some shades are more pigmented that others so it’s a bit inconsistent when it comes to the pigmentation, but we’re only talking about a few shades that don’t live up to my expectations.  For all I care they could have completely skipped ’Pink Sugar’ as it only shows up as pink glitter and nothing else. I’m also a bit disappointed in the blue shade because you have to apply so many layers for it to show up on your lid the way it does in the pan. Another shade I feel like they could have completely skipped is ’Coconut Crème’, It would probably work like a matte eyebrow highlighter, but it just shows up chalky on me. Plus, I really don’t like matte highlighters for my eyebrow, or anything else. Maybe it would work on someone with a lighter complexion, because on me it looks a complete mess.

These eyeshadows will unfortunately crease, even with primer so you have to set your primer with a powder or so, after applying it. I forgot to set my primer once when using this and I noticed that the shadows had creased on me, FYI, I have very oily lids. Also, if you don’t use a primer underneath, these shadows will fade throughout the day. So, with these shadows, proper priming is required if you want to avoid creasing and fading.

TOOFACEDSEMIBOTTOMSWATCHBottom row from top to bottom: Butter Pecan, Bon Bon, Caramel, Mousse & Rum Raisin.

TOOFACEDSEMIMIDDLESWATCHMiddle row from top to bottom: Cocoa Chili, Pink Sugar, Puddin’, Blueberry Swirl, Peanut Butter & Frosting.

TOOFACEDSEMITOPSWATCHESTop row from top to bottom: Licorice, Coconut Crème, Nougat, Truffled & Hot Fudge.

+ Beautiful colors for both day and night.
+ Contains the most beautiful crease shade ever (well, at least to me).
+ Smells great!
+ Contains 16 shades!
+ Versatile, you can create so many looks with this palette.
+ Good mix of both matte and shimmery shades.

– Inconsistent pigmentation.
– Will crease.
– Will fade.

All in all? To me this is a must have! As long as you prime your lids well they will last you for a whole day and they won’t crease. Even though it has some inconsistent pigmentation, it doesn’t bother that much because it’s mostly shades that I don’t really use anyways, and it’s maybe like 3 shadows out of 16. My favorite shades are really pigmented and as I’ve already said, I always reach for this because of the shade ’Peanut Butter’. I can’t be without this palette, I don’t understand why it took me so long to buy it? I would definitely recommend this palette.