KIKO MILANO | Water Eyeshadow in ’Smeraldo’ (212) and ’Verde Ardesia’ (213)


I’m a relative newbie to Kiko Milano Cosmetics, this brand is pretty new here in Sweden and so far they only have one store. Unfortunately the store isn’t placed anywhere central or close to me at least, it’s a bit of a hassle to get to that mall, so I don’t go there often. But you know that once I do, I go to Kiko. These eyeshadows were the first products I ever bought from them and they really did make me want to buy more.

First of all, they are cheap. I mean, you can’t complain for the quality that you get. I think these shadows were about 130 SEK, which isn’t that cheap, but for the quality that you get, it’s cheap. I think these shadows are better quality than my mac shadows, plus these are like the most expensive shadows they sell. Their other shadows are a lot cheaper. The last time I went to Kiko they had a promotion, that if you bought 6 products, the cheapest three were for free. I mean, you can imagine the mayhem in the store right?

The packaging leaves a lot to be desired. It’s a bit too big and bulky for me unfortunately. The packaging isn’t that appealing, but I like that they have gone with a simplistic design. It’s not very easy to open though, as you can see in the picture above, my nail dug right into one of these shadows. It happened while I was opening it for the first time, the lid is a bit hard to open so unfortunately my finger slipped and dug right into the shadow. Don’t you just hate when that happens? Anyways, I’m not really a fan of the packaging. But I can live with it, because these shadows are bomb, and you get a lot of products for your money.


These shadows are really soft and buttery. If these shadows came in a prettier packaging, you would probably never have guessed that this is a low price brand. I have more expensive shadows that can’t compare when it comes to the consistency. These shadows a very pigmented and bendable, which make them easy to work with. The pigmentation is crazy. If you wet your brush first, it’s even crazier. They are very pigmented, and to be honest, these eyeshadows are a bit hard to wash off. They don’t crease on me, but then again, I’ve never used them without a base underneath either. There was some fallout when applying, but nothing much. Since I work in a very conservative environment I can’t use these shades for work, I’ve only used them when going out and they will last me all night without a hitch. One thing I don’t like is that here in Sweden, they only sell like half the shades that these shadows come in. Why?! These shadows are bomb, I will definitely be buying more of these.

+ Cheap (although it’s more expensive here in Sweden that on their online website)
+ Pigmented
+ Beautiful colors
+ Blendable
+ Hardly any fallout
+ Wears well for at least 8 hours
+ Can be used wet or dry

– Ugly packaging
– Packaging is difficult to open
– The shade range is seriously lacking here in Sweden.

Have you tried any of the Kiko Milano Water Eyeshadows?