Highlights & Disappointments | September Edition

monthly favorites of september

Where does time go? I feel like I start all my monthly favorites panicking about how fast time flies but that’s literally how I feel. It’s October and this year is heading towards it’s end. I mean, we’re planning for christmas at work right now, and It’s just crazy to think that it’s almost that time of the year again. Okay, okay… let me not get too far ahead of myself. Christmas isn’t here yet but fall definitely is. Nature is changing and it truly is a beautiful time of the year. So what have I exactly been loving this past month? Let’s find out.

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Peter Thomas Roth | Mask-A-Holic 5-Piece Kit

Peter Thomas Roth

The Peter Thomas Roth Mask-A-Holic 5-Piece Kit (75 $ / 995 SEK) is a collection of five of Peter Thomas Roth’s most popular masks to help detoxify, repair, hydrate and polish skin (230 $ value). This is marketed as a limited edition kit but it seems to have been around for a while so I’m not so sure about the truth to that claim. As a mask-a-holic myself I felt like this was the perfect kit as I’ve been dying to try more of Peter Thomas Roth’s face masks after becoming obsessed with the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask.

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Highlights & Disappointments | August Edition

august favorites

August has literally flown by so fast I can’t believe that it’s almost September already! Of course my three weeks of vacation passed so fast I could still use another three weeks. As I don’t really wear makeup when I don’t have to go to work, this months august favorites consists mostly of skin care products.

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Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette: Review & Swatches

naked heat palette

The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette (12 x 1.3 g/ 12 x 0.05 oz) is finally mine! Guys, I haven’t been this excited about a new makeup launch for months. I think the last item I went this bananas over was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario and that has been my favorite and most used eyeshadow palette ever since. The second I saw Urban Decay post about the launch of this palette on Instagram I knew I had to have the Naked Heat palette in my collection. Now that I have it and have gotten to play around with, do I still think that it’s worth the hype? Let’s find out.

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Highlights & Disappointments | July Edition

July favorite

Time really does fly. It’s already august and I finally have three weeks of vacation. Bliss. Not that I hate my job or anything. It’s just that I really like to sleep in the morning and I really, I mean really, don’t like public transportation. As yet another month has passed by without me barely noticing (I mean, the year is more than half gone and I have literally accomplished nothing other than sleep, eat, work, repeat), I have yet another monthly highlights & disappointments to share with you guys.

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